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There is a very famous saying that you are what you eat. This is indeed a very apt way to put across the massive significance of having a proper, balanced and nutritious diet in order to lead a healthy and happy life. A diet that lacks the essential nutrients that your body requires can lead to several deficiency diseases, while anything in excess can also lead to serious health ailments. This is why Matthew’s Foods has set out on a mission to educate one and all about the best foods that one must consume, along with the quantities required for your body, the frequency of eating, the foods that need to be avoided, and last but not the least, a very wide range of trivia pertaining to an overall healthy lifestyle.

Super Foods that Help in Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a major issue related with the sedentary urban lifestyle that we lead today. Almost every second person is gripped with the problem of being overweight, and is at high risk of getting affected by various life threatening illnesses related to obesity. At Matthew’s Foods, we will guide you on the best foods that will help you lose weight, and coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise, your weight loss objectives will get fulfilled right before your eyes! To find out more, subscribe to our weekly newsletter today!

Essential Nutrients to Keep You Healthy

The human body requires five essential nutrients in order to remain fit and healthy. These include the following:-

1.       Proteins- The Building Blocks of Your Cells and Tissues, as well as Repairing Agent for the Wear and Tear of Your Body

2.       Carbohydrates- The Energy Source for All Your Metabolic Activities

3.       Fats- These serve as Secondary Sources of Energy in the Form of Deposits in the Body.

4.       Vitamins- These are required to build up the immunity of your body against diseases.

5.       Minerals- These aid in the overall functioning of your body parts and organs.

Apart from these five essential nutrients, your body also requires adequate amounts of roughage or fiber in the diet, as well as sufficient amount of water, in order to remain well hydrated, and have a healthy metabolism.

Free Consultation Session with Our Health Expert

A balanced diet is one that incorporates all the essential nutrients that your body requires in appropriate amounts and at regular intervals. Avail a FREE One Hour Diet Consultation Session with our Online Health Expert right away. All you need to do is to register with us, and our representative will get in touch with you in order to schedule the consultation session at a suitable date and time over Skype. In case you are satisfied with the free consultation, you can take your time and let us know if you want to go ahead and avail our personalized gold services, wherein we will assign a dietician exclusively for you, in order to take care of your daily dietary needs.






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I’m forever indebted to Matthew’s Foods for helping me out to such a large extent on my weight loss regime, because of which I have been able to shed off almost twenty pounds in the past few months!
Benjamin Mitchell
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Happy Client

Have a diet or nutrition-related query? Fill this form to let us know!

Matthew’ Foods has on board with it some of the finest professionals in the realms of health, fitness and nutrition, thereby providing commendable information and latest health in-sights. I’m a regular follower of their health facts and trivia.
Jonathan Coleman
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